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Personal and Professional Development in India

Personal and Professional Development in India

By Pave Experience

Hear from our team member Chiara about living and working in India:

Living in India will change your life. I know, it sounds cliché, but the truth is that it will. I speak from experience, having come on an internship to India myself in early 2012. It is now summer of 2014 and I’m still here!

India is a wonderful place to intern if you are looking for something beyond the average internship experience. You will not only be pushed to grow professionally but life will challenge you to develop personally as well.

Simply being confronted by such a foreign and stimulating environment will help push you to spend a great deal of time in self-reflection. Life in India is challenging, you will see, experience, and feel a great deal on a daily basis that will lead you to question your worldview and your perspective on your own culture and country.

You will be challenged on a daily basis to become a better version of yourself. You will regularly be confronted with situations where your positive and the negative personality traits are reflected back to you and you will have the choice to embrace kindness, understanding and patience as virtues.

Work experience is everything.

All of this aside, even if you choose not to incorporate personal growth into your life you will benefit tremendously from your work placement. Interns regularly report being astounded by the amount of responsibility that is entrusted in them from the very start.

You will not be making photocopies or getting anyone coffee. You will be waste deep in writing communications materials, strategising for business development, writing grants, building partnerships, and training your co-workers. You will develop leadership skills, capacity building skills, writing skills, and most importantly in today’s world, cross-cultural communication and interaction skills.

Working in India will give you a competitive edge when you re-enter the job market back home. Or, perhaps, like me you will fall in love with the country and decide to return again and again seeking a challenging environment that helps you grow and develop personally and professionally.

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