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“In the end your worth is your journey.
Made up of the places, people and experiences that shape you.
Start your journey here with Pave.”

Initially, it begs the question, “Why do you want to travel?”
Is it to rest and relax? Is it to break away from the monotony of everyday life and focus on new, more exciting experiences?
Perhaps it is to have a great adventure before the start of a new life milestone – university, job or a baby. Maybe it is simply fuelled by the desire to ‘see the world’ or even the desire to capitalise on professional or economic opportunities abroad.

While there are countless reasons why we travel, at Pave we realise above all that each and every one of us invests heavily in the high aspirations of what value we will get at the end of these adventures.

Ultimately, travel and more importantly, what we can get out of it plays a vital role in shaping who we are.


Our Mission

Our guiding mission is to offer Experiences in India that enable travellers to see more, do more and be more than they have ever before while abroad.

We want to redefine what travel means to you and does for you.

This has led us to develop a range of experiences that are carefully designed with you in mind, each catering for specific outcomes and desires for travel to India.
So whether you want to travel to India to soak in all the tradition, culture and history, refocus your mind, body and soul through Ayurveda and yoga or gain work experience in one of India’s booming cosmopolitan cities, Pave can offer the ultimate experience of India that will return you truly inspired.

Beyond the cliché sightseeing, we create experiences that immerse you in the life and soul of India and let you authentically experience places, people, culture and values.

Our expertly curated itineraries ensure you get a breadth of activities and experiences but without compromising the depth of understanding and connection to each place that do it justice.

We are true believers in the saying, “A place is only as good as the people in it”.
So much of the magic of India is down to its people and focus on relations. Pave’s Experiences actively enable you to meet locals as well as fellow travellers. You will share your journeys and stories and come away with appreciation, compassion and new friendships.

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