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Why India

Why not? A top destination for good reason. No amount of Instagram posts will do justice to seeing it for yourself.

The magic of India will transform you.

It’s much more than posing in front of the Taj Mahal, tasting moreish street food or rickety rickshaw rides through the hustle and bustle of Delhi.

It is the perfect harmony between old and new, between calm and chaos. From the moment you touch-down, it is an extraordinary tune of a billion strong chorus of diverse voices. Each state feels like its own country, with its unique people, language and food. But all the while united as one orchestra with the same lust for life, value for people and family, and bold aspirations that make India so incredibly captivating.

India will break you down and build you up. It will give you a clearer sense of the world around you and your inner self than ever before. It will give you stories and interactions with seemingly ordinary people that you will hold as extraordinary in your heart years later. You will learn to accept what comes your way and enjoy the present moment to its fullest.

For anyone who has a hunger to learn, discover new passions and ultimately feed their soul, seeing India – the REAL India with Pave is guaranteed to leave you wanting more.

It was an experience you can't truly explain on paper but something you have to experience in person, for anyone who wants to experience all sides of India, I cannot recommend Pave Internships enough!

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      2020 marks 8 years since we thought up the idea of Pave. Combining our passion for travel and learning, and our love for our ancestral home, we have to date connected hundreds of students and graduates to India through Internships and professional immersion programmes across 3 Indian cosmopolitan cities.

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