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We’ll Never Walk Alone

We’ll Never Walk Alone

By Pave Experience

From the title, you’ll be forgiven to think that my intentions were solely to publicise my fondness of a certain football club. Quite the opposite. Like Gerry and The Peacemakers depict in their version of the title, I admit to having had ‘hope in my heart’ to incite you to read on; and if you’ve stuck with me till now then I’m grateful.


The core of our work is to help students and graduates develop personally and professionally through purposeful and challenging experiences. We want them to build existing and new skills as early on as possible to maximise their potential as well as become the next superior generation of leaders – one that does well by doing good.


Taking the subject line as literal, we realise at Pave that in order to achieve our dreams, no matter how tirelessly we work we must ‘walk’ together. I’m afraid, it is as simple and cliché as that. We cannot produce the amount of impact we envision without the support of others.


That’s why we created the Pave Scholarship of Entrepreneurship. Through the great collaboration and valued partnership with Pearson College London, a boutique and industry-led higher education institution and the first institution of its kind borne out of a FTSE100 company, it has allowed us to make a better direct impact on the community by helping deserving students afford higher education and gain prestigious global work experience.


Our scholarship with the college is one of huge mutual benefit. Entrepreneurship is also at the heart of everything we both do – from supporting students realise their own potential to allowing them to set up their own businesses. This is why we’re looking for the scholarship to go to students with an entrepreneurial spirit. The successful scholars will be awarded a scholarship to cover the first year of their tuition fees paid in full as well as a fully funded one month internship in the industry of their choice! No doubt, the scholarship will help increase brand awareness of the students early in their careers, positioning them as an attractive employment option upon graduation.


We need educated, globally-minded leaders of tomorrow that want to make a difference and create a better world for the future. So, we walk on with our heads held high seeking the next partnership to help more and more young people; which leads me neatly and finally on….

….to my call to action! We ask any and all educational institutions, schools, universities and organisations who want to work with a value-driven brand to create opportunities that align to your brand values, to reach out to us so that we may join hands and take the next step to develop your students and graduates into the professionals they deserve to become.


We’ll Never Walk Alone.

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