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For years we thought of drones as pretty cool, used by the military, and primarily for surveillance and war. Fast forward a few years and they have been developed for a whole new purpose.


For those of you who don’t know, a drone is essentially a flying robot and the unmanned aircrafts can be either remotely controlled of flown through a series of built in systems which work in conjunction with on-board sensors and GPS.


The integration between drones and the internet of things (IoT) has opened the doors to a number of new enterprises as we are able to gather information through various methods to be stored and analysed to help draw conclusions.


Humans have limited time, accuracy and attention to detail, which actually mean we are no good at capturing data. If there were computers who knew everything there was to know about everything without the help of humans then we would be able to collect, track, and analyse information which allowing informed decisions as to when something needs replacing or repairing.


How are they being used today?


Capturing Life Events

With drones costing as little as £100, individuals have been using these cool devices for capturing those important moments or producing high-quality photos and videos for personal use whether that is for social media or simply to add to their collection of memories.


Drones can provide a perspective to its audience that no other can as they are free-flying objects able to move in any direction.


Shipping and Delivery (Small Items)

Large scale organisations such as Amazon have been tirelessly testing the automation of delivery through the use of drones however the concept drone-based delivery system has been hampered by legal roadblocks.


Law Enforcement

Arguably one of the best uses for drones comes from the law enforcement. With these small and sometimes quiet devices, police are able to monitor criminal activity with an extra pair of eyes in the sky at minimal cost.


Drones have increasingly been used by police to locate and monitor the movement of suspects, and to inform decisions as to how operations should be carried out to increase the likelihood of success.


Filming and Photography

Most movies, documentaries and short-films require ariel shots. Gone are the days of hiring expensive helicopters, drones wipe out the hassle and disruption caused and as long as they are controlled by experts, directors are sure to get the perfect shot(s). It is surely a must for current and future camera crews to know how to effectively fly a drone!



Regular ariel monitoring has provided farmers with in-depth information on the performance of their crops. As a result, those farmers using drones have reported a significant increase in crop yields.


Farming machinery is extremely expensive to purchase and run. Drone technology has enabled a low-cost solution, providing visible results with little damage to the surrounding areas and environment.


These are only a number of ways which drones are being used today and there is an increasing number of enterprises being born taking advantage of this technology. It is also important to note that drones are also being used for the wrong kind of business and law enforcements are taking heavy action on this.


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