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By Pave Experience

Can you really be the finished article after university?


University is a fantastic way for students to gain their independence and grow as an individual while developing a wide variety of skills in their chosen area, but with an increasing number of school leavers entering higher education and more than 71% graduating with a 2:1 or higher, how are you going to stand out from the competitive pool of applicants?


I never had any intention of going to university, and that wasn’t down to my academic performance but the sheer volume of people around me who I had seen go to university, struggle to get a graduate job and end up back at home in a part-time job, you hear this a lot right? It was difficult to see the direct return on investment.


A portfolio including a degree in a chosen area and a domestic internship are common and most graduates will come out with both boxes ticked. Therefore, you are at a level playing field. It is so important to be pro-active, especially over the summer periods and develop transferrable skills and add to your portfolio making you a more interesting character. A degree alone is no longer sufficient.


We live in an increasingly global world. The vast majority of organisations from start-ups and SMEs to national and multinational firms operate cross-borders and therefore employers are looking for graduates who acquire those international and intercultural competencies such as cultural awareness, global outlook and adaptability. You will be required to demonstrate these skills and not only is it something that you can add to your CV in order to make you stand out, but it’s also an interesting experience that you can build narrative around –  impressing employers.


Traveling to a brand-new location enables you to explore the world, gaining an understanding of another culture that exists outside of your own. Living and working abroad for any period of time will allow you to experience something like never before, allowing you to find-out more about yourself while gaining the relevant commercial skills in your chosen internship or programme.


What are you waiting for? You have to make the most of your time at university and where possible take advantage of the opportunities available to you. The job market is extremely competitive and you and only you can ensure that you stand out from the crowd with a range of different experiences.


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