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Life in India: Struggles and Rewards

Life in India: Struggles and Rewards

By Pave Experience

No matter what you say about India the exact opposite is also true:

Living in India is always a struggle but living in India is also always a reward!

Both are genuine statements, and life there is perhaps only such a great reward because it is a struggle.

There are daily issues like navigating a new city, learning about public transportation, trying to identify strange fruits and vegetables in the market or learning the currency, learning a new language, and navigating cultural misunderstandings. This is what makes life in India fun, exciting and hard—sometimes you won’t be able to find what you need or get where you’re going, or understand what is happening around you.

But you will learn all of these little things over your time in India and each one is a huge accomplishment worthy of celebrating! It feels great to know how to tell a rickshaw driver where you are going and even recognise landmarks along the way. It’s reassuring to learn how much apples or strawberries should cost and that your favourite fruit vendor is not cheating you. Grocery shopping, moving about the city, and other basic daily tasks suddenly feel like noteworthy accomplishments.

While things may feel difficult at times, you will quickly learn how to be self-sufficient and independent in your new city. These little struggles and frustrations help make you into a stronger, adaptable, flexible person that can conquer any situation they are presented with.

You will gain a new found sense of confidence within yourself that will allow you to live and work anywhere in the world after your internship in India! India might be a demanding place to live but it will help prepare you for anything!

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