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Luke Hope-Robertson’s Testimonial

Luke Hope-Robertson’s Testimonial

By Pave Experience

During the summer of 2015, I was lucky enough to go on an internship organised through my university and Pave. Our destination was Goa, India for an intense global sales and marketing internship with our host company.

In the lead up to our internship, Pave conducted pre-departure sessions so that we got a heads up on all things India, as well as what we’d be doing when we got out there! From the moment I met them, I was overwhelmed by their sense of professionalism but also their likeability as individuals.

The Pave team were in constant communication with me and the other interns before our trip, regarding the progress of both our flights and visas. They made the process so easy for us and left us with nothing to worry about.

When we did get out to India, the internship surpassed my expectations and it was fantastic interning with the company that set out both daily goals as well as an overall target by the end. Moreover, I appreciated the task load I was given which included high-level, personal responsibilities that challenged me daily. It was also satisfying to have made tangible results and came away with many solid business lessons. Working for this organisation is different to what I’ve done previously – but the lessons were so great and I’ll keep them with me for years to come.

It was reassuring to have the Pave team on hand 24-hours a day and know that we had people who cared and would sort out any issues as quickly as possible especially because of their knowledge of both Goa and India as a whole. It made our trip so much smoother as India was a huge cultural shock for most of us and by having their expertise, we were able to immerse ourselves in the culture far quicker than without them.

All in all, it was a hugely successful internship and even the few times of hardship we encountered taught us a lot. Since returning to London, our contact with Pave hasn’t stopped and it’s great to continue our communication and regular meet-ups.

Anybody who is lucky enough to go on a internship organised by Pave is in for a great time! Thank you for making my internship so special.

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