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Billy Yu Lok Ng – Intern Blog

Billy Yu Lok Ng – Intern Blog

By Pave Experience

We are delighted to share with you a blog from Billy while he is completing a one month Pave internship in Bangalore!

Namaste Bangalore!

It does feel like it was last weekend sitting in the library at University of Kent in Canterbury applying for the position interning at one of the top law firms in India. May I firstly take this opportunity to express how grateful and blessed I am being able to be here, travelling, sightseeing, experiencing a completely brand new culture and also to strengthen my CV for my future career as a Solicitor Advocate in England or in Hong Kong.

I can still remember the day when I told my family I got through three different stages of interviews and had been offered a scholarship to work in Bangalore. I can still remember how they sounded a little hesitant in their voice over the phone as they were very concerned with my personal safety and health for my one-month stay. However, I just could not turn down such a precious opportunity! Come on!

I believe there are definitely a range of misconceptions and stereotypes out there in relations to this amazing country. This country is so different from where I am originally from and where I was interning in the previous month in Beijing. And please endure as this is my first time ever blogging hahaha! I guess it will be ideal if I may just start off by giving you a brief idea of my first week here!

When I first arrived, what striked me first was definitely such vibrant spectrum of colours of what people are wearing and people’s kind and genuine hospitality. I am truly honoured to be in a country blessed with such history, culture, mystery and their very own special charisma. I just could not stop buzzing and wait to explore more.

During the weekend when I first arrived, I had the opportunity being invited to attend the culture classes and induction sessions where I was introduced to the ‘dos and don’ts’ in India. Although currently after almost a week that I have been here and sometimes I am still using the ‘wrong hand’ having my meal, I am grateful as I got the opportunity to know a little and a little more about the culture here, as well as most importantly, what are the Indian working environment and business culture like, and what they are expecting from an intern overseas.

I was then informed by my company that I had been invited for a tour, organised by one of the founders of the law firm where I will be working at for the coming month! And for some homemade lunch as well! Early that Sunday morning at 630 me and three of the staff of the company travelled to the country side of Bangalore, namely Nandi Hill, where one of the most important person in the Indian and English history, Tipu Sultan, was born. I was absolutely mesmorised by how the modern India, for example, MG Road or the area with the World Trade Centre with all the skyscrapers and heavy traffic, differs from the rural area of Bangalore.  I remain so humble and thankful being surrounded by all these beautiful historical temples and see how the ancient history and religious background shaped this country into. On the same day, I was blessed by the Indian rituals as well!

Generally, by far my stay here in India had been nothing but fruitful and so meaningful personally to me. In the last few days since I have started my internship, I have been greeted by the nicest and friendliest colleagues I have ever met. I do not know if they will be reading this, but I am very grateful for you all for being so patient and understanding to me as I have just recently started and that I have never learnt anything in relations to Indian Law before. They invited me out for beer and for lunch, and have been nothing but a strong supportive system for me in case I have any silly questions. I am honoured being able to start working on Company Law, Employment Law specifically unfair dismissals, and some more Indian Contract Law. I cannot wait to see them again next week and give them the little box of Indian dessert I have bought for them as a gesture of appreciation. I hope they will enjoy it?

There is so much going on here as India is such a huge ginormous  melting pot and has a bit of everything and I am struggling to put them all in one single blog! For those who are reading this, thank you so much! Shukriya (thank you in Hindi) and Namaste (Greetings in Hindi). (That’s all I know but I am getting there!)

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