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Bangalore: An Entrepreneur’s Playground

Bangalore: An Entrepreneur’s Playground

By Pave Experience

blrnightmarijeThe world knows Bangalore well; mention its name and pictures of beautiful stained glass skyscrapers flash across the mind. Bangalore is one of the most dynamic cities in the world, and arguably the most modern city in India.

For those of you who have not yet tasted the delightful characteristics of this giant metropolis, allow me to share with you the pleasures that have famed it. This modern city is nicknamed ‘India’s Silicon Valley’ for its heavy investment in IT and technology. Walking around this tech hub you can see large multinational firms comfortably settled into the hustle and bustle, brands such as Apple, Microsoft and Intel are just a few names that have immigrated over. More software programmers moved to Bangalore in the past year than the original Silicon Valley, according to LinkedIn’s data. While Bangalore clocked 44% new residents with technical talent, the San Francisco-Bay Area region had 31%.

Bangalore is evidence of the globalisation of India. Out of the top ten IT companies in the world, India holds nearly half of them. This sort of success has brought confidence to entrepreneurs and multinationals alike that use Bangalore as the main hub for their businesses. The reason Bangalore has accelerated its importance in the tech world is due to the low cost of doing business. Labour is cheap, so even the smallest companies can afford to hire employees to do menial time-consuming tasks, allowing more time to be spent on strategy and winning clients. There is a pool of skilled, highly educated, English speaking people for companies to dive into. Having such talent available has enabled Indian companies become world-class.

Bangalore is also known as ‘The Green City’. This is unique to Bangalore as most tech hubs are over-populated with many open spaces paved over with houses and office blocks. This city’s landscape is alive with beautiful greenery and nature. Home to over 8.5 million inhabitants, this city is understandably a coveted place to live in.

Bangalore has been the perfect breeding ground for tech companies; the future plans of the city are now navigated towards tourism. Businesses in this beautiful metropolis are working hard to bring attractions that will tempt western tourists. The ultimate goal is to make Bangalore the most visited city in India and one of the most interesting places to visit in the world.

Bangalore really is a city that has it all – natural beauty, a booming technology industry and still holding the wonderful tastes, textures and smells that are inherent to India. Although competition for jobs is high, should the opportunity arise to work in Bangalore you should snap it up. Trust me, you will not regret it.

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