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Understanding an Experience

Why should I go on an Experience arranged by you?

In a nutshell, we suggest you read more about us to get a better understanding. On the menu bar click on these links, About, Our Vision, Why India to get a true sense of our intentions when you choose an Experience with us to India.

On top of that we see a number of practical benefits when choosing our Experience:

  • We leverage our network and understanding of India’s culture and economy to bring you a highly unique, immersive and impactful exposure to India. Each Experience is delivered in a way that allows you to realise the best version of yourself and becoming what we coined the ‘Exceptional You’.
  • Booking an Experience means you also have our friendly team to support you with organising and booking your logistics including accommodation, etc prior to you jetting off. We are happy to get involved as little or as much where we can.
  • We feel like masters of making everyone feel welcomed and comfortable on an Experience. Make sure to tell us if so or where we can improve (we really do love feedback!)
  • We will be on hand throughout. The most important element is you get the best experience possible and create lasting memories.

Trusted Experiences

We spend hours and hours (thousands of them in fact) curating meaningful travel Experiences for travellers who are keen to make the most out of their trip in the most effective way possible.

Types of Experiences

The Experience listing has a range of Experiences on offer, from social and cultural Experiences to culinary Experiences and fitness Experiences. You get to decide and tailor (if not a group Experience) what you prefer to do but ultimately the principal remains the same - for you to see, do and be more in a country than ever before!

How long will my Experience last?

The length of the Experience is completely dependent on the Experience you have chosen. You can find the exact details of the Experience including the duration on each Experience profile.

1. Click Experience
2. Click on an Experience profile
3. Read full details including what you'll do, the schedule, duration, dates and more.

Who can do an Experience?

Literally, anyone - no matter where you are and at what stage of life you’re at, these Experiences are inclusive and there are no limitations.

We have a growing list of Experiences that can suit gap year or university students, grads, couples, young families, professionals and the mature to experience a Pave Experience at least once in their life - that’s how confident we are in you getting every bit of worth from it and coming back for more!