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Internship Frequently Asked Questions

Will my colleagues speak English?
Yes, all of your colleagues and your supervisor will speak fluent English.

Is English widely used in India?
English is one of the two official languages set by the Indian government and is spoken in most parts of India, especially in the cities that you will be interning in. Also, we are sure that you will learn and use some Hindi (the other official language) whilst interning.

What is the best mode of transport to travel around the city while interning in India?
Depending on your placement city there are a variety of modes of transport including: taxis, auto-rickshaws, and trains. Using taxis is certainly the safest way to travel around the city and is relatively inexpensive.

What amount will I need to cover the cost of living while interning in India?
Generally, eating out in India is a sizzling-hot value, with budget restaurant meals for as little as 40 pence but prices can scale considerably as you reach the higher end of the restaurant market. Alternatively, you can purchase food from the local supermarket and cook in your accommodation to save on cost.

Travel is relatively inexpensive depending on the mode of public transport you take, and in relation to sightseeing, some tourist sites are free whilst others may charge an entrance fee.
It’s impossible to arrive on one neat figure however, we suggest a daily budget of around £10 (c. Rs.1,000) during the week and £25 (c. Rs. 2,500) for weekends. If you want more information about the cost of living in India please Contact Us.

Is India safe for me to intern?
The cities of India are as safe as most major cities anywhere in the world. Use common sense precautions: be aware of your surroundings; secure your belongings; and carry your money in an inside pocket. Pickpockets are especially prevalent in crowded areas and on the trains.

If I encounter any problems in India who should I contact?
In the event you encounter any problems, please contact the Pave team in India immediately. You can find a list of emergency contact details in your welcome pack and we recommend that you save these numbers on your phone.

Do I need to get vaccinations before travelling to India?
We recommend you consult your doctor (ideally 4-6 weeks) before travelling to get vaccines you may need. Some vaccines may include Hepatitis, Polio, Typhoid, Tetanus and Japanese Encephalitis.

How am I expected to dress for work?
Each workplace varies with its dress code. However, please ensure you bring business attire for your internship and suitable casual clothes.

What is the weather like in India?
The weather of India varies depending on the season as well as the city you are travelling to. Most cities do not experience extreme climatic conditions and the average temperature oscillates between 27 – 34 degrees.