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Finding an Internship

How do I find an Internship?

The first port of call is to explore our Internship Listing - hover over Experiences on the menu bar and click, Internships.

Find a suitable Internship based on your needs and carefully reading the full Internship profile. Once you have decided, you can make an application by signing up and completing an Internship application form.

How long can my internship last?
Internships are usually for 1, 2, 3 or 4 months. However, we do offer some internships for more than 4 months. Please either check our Internships page or Contact Us to find out more.

Can I extend my internship?
Although there is no guarantee, it may be possible if you give us advanced notice. There may be the possibility of you completing an internship with an organisation followed by another internship in another organisation however, do get in touch with us as early as possible to discuss in more detail.

What tasks am I expected to do on my internship?
Please refer to each specific Internship post to find out the type of work you will do specific to the internship you have chosen.

Can my friend and I be placed in the same city?
We can work to find the right opportunities so that we may be able to place you and your friend on an internship in the same city.

Which company will I work for?
Pave has a good network of partner organisations across a number of sectors. These organisations are well known as multinational, private or public-owned companies as well as successful and established Indian social enterprises and not for profits. You can choose an internship from our current vacancy listings on our Internships page suited to you that will give you the most relevant and worthwhile experience.

When do I find out the company I will work for?
Once you are accepted onto an internship and paid your deposit, we will provide you with any necessary company details.

Is there a possibility of permanent employment upon completion of my internship?
We can’t make any promises but it has been the case that if an employer is particularly impressed by you and is looking for a permanent employee then the opportunity may present itself.

What will be my working hours?
Your working hours will depend on the company you intern with. Please note that there are exceptions however, most companies follow the conventional 5-day week schedule starting at 9am to 6pm.

Do I have a supervisor at the company I intern with?
Yes, the internship structure ensures that you have a direct supervisor at your workplace who speaks fluent English.

Will I have any free time?
Yes, you have time off on the weekends as well as most evenings during the weekdays.